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“Happy Halloween from The Perthes Kids Foundation & Sony Pictures Entertainment.” — Love, Venom

Boo! Scream! Laugh!

Yessss, this year (2018) we are celebrating a very, scary and Marvel-oussss, Perthes Halloween! We will be having a special Perthes Kids Halloween Costume Showcase, for kiddos & adults with Perthes. Just send us a photo and your info, like the other submissions below, and we’ll feature you and your cool costume right here in our Gallery, for the whole world to see! This is not a contest. We’re just having some fun and want to see all those creepy & creative costumes you will be wearing this season. Just email us at and we may just send you a little treat in return!

Deadline is October 31st. Submit if you so dare…

Rare Disease Day (February 28th) is an international, awareness-raising event, that aims to bring attention to rare diseases, like Legg-Calve’-Perthes disease, and the people who are affected by them. This year, Perthes Kids Foundation will be participating in Rare Disease Day by sponsoring its first-ever Perthes Kids Art Contest!

No matter what age or skill level, your participation in this art project will help raise awareness of Perthes disease and other rare diseases that people are fighting against, every day. See some of our rare artists at work on our "Wall of Art" below!

congratulations to our winners!

Perthes Kids, Karter Scheele & Ainsley Beaver, had the most overall votes in their respective groups, for the 2018 Perthes Kids Art Contest! Great job by ALL of our wonderful Rare Artists! Your creativity and expression about your Perthes experience was simply amazing to watch. Thank you for participating and sharing your artwork. Our Perthes awareness shirts, featuring the winning artwork, are on sale now at our Perthes Shop! Let's all show our support and purchase a shirt, or a few, to help raise funds for charity, and kids dealing with Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease.


1st place

Group A (age 7-10) WINNER - "Bright Future", by Karter Scheele (age 8) from Havre, Montana, USA

BIO: Karter got diagnosed with Perthes almost two years ago after suffering from groin pain and having a limp. Before he was diagnosed, Karter was a typical 6-year old active boy who especially excelled at his favorite sport, wrestling. He traveled to see his doctor at Shriner’s Hospital in Spokane, Washington which is about 8 hours away every 4-6 months. For so often, Karter didn’t have very good news at his appointments. But as he's come to learn, the arrow needs to be pulled backwards before it can go forwards and he relates that to his Perthes journey. Karter has focused on using this to inspire others by doing simple things like passing out chocolate bunnies to others at the hospital or raising $2,000 for books. Karter keeps looking for different ways to make not only his future bright, but others too. He stays positive through the pain and wants other to also. 

Group B (age 11-15) WINNER - "Everyone's Walk Is Not The Same", by Ainsley Beaver (age 13) from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

BIO: Coming soon...


2nd place

Group A (age 7-10) 2nd Place - "Perthes Is A Superpower", by Luai Kakish (age 9) from Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

Group B (age 11-15) 2nd Place - "Perthes Mountain", by Addison Rogers (age 11) from Altoona, Iowa, USA


3rd place

Group A (age 7-10) 3rd Place - "Battle Scars", by Jessica Squires (age 10) from Fletcher's Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Group B (age 11-15) 3rd Place - "Stand Out", by Tasha Sudofsky (age 13) from Marion, Massachusetts, USA

Perthes background stories on all 6 of our winners, will be featured on our website, week of March 4th, so please do check back then to see what these kids are all about, and WHY they created the artwork they that did! Every kid has their own unique story with Perthes, so let's hear what they have to say! Just click on their photo to read their bio.

The Competition:

From February 1st to the 21st, Perthes Kids from around the world were invited to submit their own, original artwork that shows how Perthes kids are Rare and amazing! #ShowYourRare

Here’s what you need to do:  Grab your markers, crayons, pencils -whatever you need- and get creative! Your artwork should tell the world “How Perthes Kids Rock!” Your completed artwork can be submitted to  Family and friends will be able to vote for their favorite pictures and the TOP 3 winners, from each age group, will be awarded as follows:

3rd Place:  The artist’s photo and artwork will be posted on main page

2nd Place:  The artist’s photo and artwork will be posted on AND, their original artwork will be promoted on Perthes Kids Foundation global social media channels

1st Place:  The artist’s name, photo and artwork will be posted on AND, their original artwork will be promoted on Perthes Kids Foundation global social media channels AND, their winning artwork will be turned into a custom Perthes Kids Foundation T-SHIRT, which will be sold in our Perthes Shop from February 28th through March 9th, as part of our special Fundraiser for Perthes Awareness AND, a special BONUS prize (for our two 1st place winners), that shall be revealed on Rare Disease Day 2018!


The Rules:

  1. This art contest is open to any Perthes Kid between the ages of 7 and 15, anywhere in the world. There will be two different age groups, 7-10 & 11-15, to make things more fair. There will be a total of six winners. Three from each age group.

  2. Parents, please do not help your child too much (or at all) with the actual creation of their artwork. Let's keep the competition fair and honest.

  3. All artwork submitted must be hand-drawn by the artist/kid. Please do not use computer graphics, tracers, pre-made characters or artwork by another person.

  4. Contest is open for only 3 weeks. Artwork can be submitted to the Perthes Kids Art Gallery from February 1st through February 21st, 2018. Even if you're child does not fall within the contest age range, they are still welcome to submit artwork to our Gallery, to help raise Perthes awareness!

  5. Get your family and friends to vote for their favorite drawing in our gallery. VOTING will take place from February 22nd through February 27th, 2018. The public/family/friends will determine 80% of the overall vote, and the other 20% will be determined by our PKF Board of Directors.

  6. The winners will be announced on Rare Disease Day - Wednesday, February 28th, 2018! Supporters of the Perthes Kids Foundation will be able to purchase a special t-shirt featuring the winning artwork between February 28th and March 15th, 2018.  


How to Enter:

  1. With your parent’s help (if needed), scan your artwork onto your computer, or take a clear/high resolution pic of the artwork using a mobile phone camera.

  2. Email a PDF, JPEG or PNG of your artwork (please title your work), along with the artist’s name, age, location and photo to Attach both the artwork (no more than one piece) and the artist photo to the email. Can also send additional photo of the artist holding their artwork (makes for 3 total attached photos for submission email). All artwork will be featured within the Perthes Kids Art Gallery. The six winning artists will be prominently featured, shared and promoted online, along with their personal Perthes story.

  3. By participating in the Perthes Kids Art Contest, each individual agrees that their artwork, images and photos can be freely used by Perthes Kids Foundation, as outlined above (online and throughout social media).

  4. Keep in mind, the sooner your child submits his/her artwork, the higher up it will appear on our wall! We ask all of our Perthes Kids participating in this art contest to be creative, be smart, be bold, be unique, be fun, and most of all, be YOU! #ShareYourRare


Our Wall of Art

001 - EYE OF THE STORM by Riley Hensen (age 14) in St. Lucie, Florida, USA

005 - THUMBS UP by Ewan Waters (age 8) in Melbourne, Australia

002 - WHEELIES IN MY WHEELCHAIR by Ruby Mulhearn (age 7) in Gold Coast, Australia

006 - BRIGHT FUTURE by Karter Scheele (age 8) in Havre, Montana, USA

003 - STOP ASKING by Jacob Whitehead (age 10) in Tampa, Florida, USA

007 - I AM UNSTOPPABLE by Paisley Abbott (age 9) in Radford, Virginia, USA

004 - STAND OUT by Tasha Sudofsky (age 13) in Marion, Massachusetts, USA

008 - PERTHES by Gavin Harris (age 10) in Paris, Tennessee, USA

009 - MY LONG PERTHES JOURNEY by Noah Conforti (age 8) in Enid, Oklahoma, USA

013 - YOU CAN DO ANYTHING by Aidyn Zecevic (age 9) in Corrimal, Australia

017 - RARE FLOWER by Grace Appman (age 8) in Haubstadt, Indiana, USA

021 - SONNY & HEATH ARE THE CHAMPIONS by Sonny Rennison (age 5 ) in Melbourne, Australia

025 - THE WORLD IS YOURS by Joshua Hernandez (age 7) in Waddell, Arizona, USA

010 - PERTHES HELP by Pete Sutton (age 10) in Houston, Texas, USA

014 - PERTHES IS A SUPERPOWER by Luai Kakish (age 9) in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

018 - LET'S CURE PERTHES DISEASE by Austin O'Connell (age 11) in Summerville, South Carolina, USA

022 - EVERYONE'S WALK IS NOT THE SAME by Ainsley Beaver (age 13) in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

011 - HI 5 by Emily Cole-Gee (age 13) in MIttagong, Australia

015 - BATTLE SCARS by Jessica Squires (age 10) in Fletcher's Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

019 - PERTHES HERO by Maren Clark (age 5, her brother has Perthes) in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA

023 - COBRA by Jacob Dewsnup (age 10) in Naples, Florida, USA

012 - HEART OF GOLD by Layla Fiorini (age 9) in Turlock, California, USA

016 - PERTHES CHAMPIONSHIP BELT by Austin Clark (age 9) in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA

020 - YOU ROCK by Lydia Jeremijenko (age 9) in Gold Coast, Australia

024 - PERTHES MOUNTAIN by Addison Rogers (age 11) from Altoona, Iowa, USA