Volunteer 4 Perthes


Perthes Kids Foundation is always looking to add to our fun group of determined volunteers, from all walks of life (executives, doctors, firefighters, teachers, coders, therapists, nurses and more), that come together to support the Perthes Kids Foundation cause. If you'd like to join our team for a Perthes event or activity, please do sign up. We welcome anyone that is passionate, willing to work hard, be kind, and show their support to children and families dealing with LCPD.


Camp Perthes Volunteer

Perthes Kids Foundation’s volunteer program was established in 2013 with just 4 volunteers. It has grown quite a bit through the years and has expanded internationally, having had more than 100 people serve as volunteers for our various programs that help children with Perthes disease.

If you would like to donate your time and compassion to one of our advocacy programs, please fill out the appropriate volunteer application, below. THANK YOU.

Applications are closed for Camp Perthes USA, UK & Spain. Volunteer applications for Camp Perthes Australia 2019 are available now, until July 22nd.

  • Food & accommodations at camp are provided for all selected volunteers

  • You can only apply for a camp in the country nearest to your residence

  • Adults with professional medical or teaching backgrounds are top priority, but still require background check

  • Only one parent allowed to apply if child is also attending camp

  • must be age 18 or over to apply (college credit available)

  • we highly recommend adults who had perthes as a child to apply


Volunteering at one of our camps, or in general, is always a thrilling and rewarding experience for any adult/parent looking to give back, or simply help make a difference in the lives of kids dealing with Perthes disease. As a 100% volunteer-run organization, we are 100% dedicated to safety first, then fun for our campers. Being a camp volunteer can be hard work, but it is totally worth the effort in seeing the big smiles on our little camper faces. We also have a fun time, too!