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camp perthes international Program

Perthes Kids Foundation established the first Camp Perthes in Brandon, Florida, in 2013, at Rotary's Camp Florida. It was a collaborative effort with Camp Care-A-Lot, which is run by Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa, FL. It was such a big success that we are now in our 7th consecutive year of Camp Perthes (USA now in California), and have expanded the program internationally to Australia, the United Kingdom & Spain. We will also be organizing special events in Israel, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Italy and India, in the future.

The application process for all camps are now closed. The "Sign Up" buttons, are to be put on our email list for upcoming 2019 camp info.


Camp Perthes USA, July 15-19

Camp Perthes UK, August 12-16


Irvine, California

Winchester, England


camp volunteer Program

Volunteering at one of our camps, or in general, is always a thrilling and rewarding experience for any adult/parent looking to give back, or simply help make a difference in the lives of kids dealing with Perthes disease. Camp Perthes is a very unique place just for kids with LCPD, and some volunteers with Perthes, too. We are all 100% dedicated to safety first, then fun for our campers. Being a camp volunteer can be hard work, but it is totally worth the effort in seeing the big smiles on their little camper faces!

  • Food & accommodations at camp are provided for all accepted volunteers

  • You can only apply for a camp in the country nearest to your residence

  • Adults with professional medical or teaching backgrounds are top priority, but still require background check

  • Only one parent allowed to apply if child is also attending camp

Camp Perthes Volunteer Applications are all closed for 2018. Information about 2019 applications will be available soon. Must be age 19 or over to apply. College credit available.

Our general Volunteer program is available all year round, for anyone willing to help with our mission to raise awareness of Perthes. You can contribute no matter where you are located in the world. All you need is a computer and some spare time. To learn more about being a Volunteer, please contact us!


global ambassador program

The mission of our Global Ambassadors is to increase awareness of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and Perthes Kids Foundation through personal advocacy. This ambassadorship is reserved for experienced volunteers, community leaders, influencers and passionate philanthropist. Our organization will provide you with access to our global social media channels, some financial support, and expert guidance for your Perthes awareness or fundraising efforts on behalf of Perthes Kids Foundation. There will be early access to PKF information, opportunities to host special events and volunteer at any of our international camps, plus much more.



Perthes Kids Foundation has been a part of the Save-A-Limb Fund Fest in Hunt Valley, MD, for several years. We support and participate in all social and physical activities (biking, hiking, dancing, eating, camping, etc.) for Team Perthes Awareness, which is headed by one of our Camp Volunteers, Rachael Foote, who had Perthes as a child. We encourage people to give to Team Perthes Awareness' Save-A-Limb fundraising efforts and attend the event, if possible. It's so much fun and we are happy to support.

We also have our PKF Cycling Team in South Africa, lead by Global Ambassador, Christy Megan Allcock Coetzee (her son has Perthes), who has already biked 150+ miles in various races, on behalf of Perthes Kids.

Please check with our events page and social media channels for any upcoming Team Perthes Awareness happenings.


July, August & September


USA, UK & Australia



January - December







Baltimore, Maryland

Johannesburg, South Africa