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Living with Perthes? Use the map below to locate families from around the world. You can join our Perthes Family Locator © (PFL) to be added to our GPS database. Once submitted, you will be able to find other people with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease in your local area, and other countries across the globe (*children & adults with Perthes, parents of kids with Perthes, adults who had Perthes as a child, families dealing with Perthes)! We also have several Perthes doctors/specialist listed, and will be adding many more, soon. The more people that sign up, the more populated our locator map becomes, which will help connect us all with a better global view of Perthes disease. Click on the markers and zoom in/out.

Please fill out this short form to be added to our map and start making connections. Your information will only be used for private purposes, in order to communicate with other people dealing with Perthes on this platform (please see our privacy policy and terms of use). Thank you for your participation and support. 

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