VOTE EVERY DAY FOR PERTHES kids, from NOW UNTIL DEC 5th, 2018! WE ARE SO CLOSE to a rare eagle donation worth $50,000!

“Calling all Perthes Parents, Family, and friends alike!! Vote for The Perthes Kids Foundation! Has it impacted your child's life or someone you may know? Has it given you a network of parents to help get you through this disease? Has it helped educate you on this disease? Want to help give back?!? Everyone please click the link and click vote it takes less than 30 seconds!! You may do this once every 24 hours . This is our opportunity to give back to the Foundation…What is this opportunity you may ask? If we (Perthes Network) get the most votes in the category it's a 5,000 dollar award to the Foundation in honor of Earl Cole's hard work and dedication to our kids and Perthes Awareness! If the story makes it to top 30 then the Foundation is in contention for a $50,000 prize that will benefit us all in the Perthes Community. Awareness, education, camp, expansion, the list goes on and on. Did I mention out of all the entries Earl Cole's story is VERY VERY CLOSE to top 30! As a mom who was saved by my network of parents and family members. Please help give back, please share on your personal page.Please vote! Let's band together and do this!”

— Amber, A Perthes Mom On A Mission

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You can watch the “Lead A Rare Life” promotional video above, or click here. Perthes Kids Foundation is honored to be nominated for this wonderful award! Please vote for us, every 24hrs! #VotePerthes

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